Dawn Bradley

Reclaim Mental Health Support Costs

Many health plans will reimburse the cost of Reflexology treatments, and also for treatments that support your mental health, like coaching, life planning, and meditation.

Some employers are also covering the cost of wellness days to support their employees during the pandemic.

For example, teachers with Benenden Health level 3 insurance can claim up to £225 per year per person*
Simply Health covers you for up to £200 per year for reflexology*
Hive Silver Plan covers you for up to £300 of therapies a year, which includes reflexology* (This is the policy I’ve got)

If you’d like to try reflexology treatments and claim back on your health insurance, Dawn will provide you with a receipt at no extra cost.

Why you need Reflexology

If you have aching feet; are looking for a thorough foot massage; or want to balance your health, then you’ll benefit from a Reflexology treatment.

Reflexology is a precise foot massage that stimulates points in the feet which correspond to all areas of the body.

This relaxing, holistic treatment encourages the body to balance itself, and creates a general sense of well-being.

Picture yourself reclining whilst having your feet pressed and massaged, gently squeezing all the tension out of your feet.

If you’re on your feet all day, this will feel great!

Great for relieving back pain, insomnia, sciatica, migraines, infertility, depression, stress, anxiety, menopause, and many more health issues.

If you’d like to know more, please read this page, or contact Dawn directly.

If you’d like to make an appointment, please contact Dawn for availability.

£60 for a one hour treatment in the comfort of your home
£275 for a 5 treatment block booking (includes a £25 discount)

Payment is taken at the appointment, and you will need to claim back the cost directly with your insurance provider.

Please allow an extra 30 minutes for your first appointment, to allow for your health details to be noted.

*Please check directly with your health insurance provider in case anything has changed since I last checked their benefits