Dawn Bradley

Yoga classes in Spain


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Gentle, holistic yoga classes bringing balance and harmony to your life.

Beginning with a Sa-Ta-Na-Ma chant which connects and balances body, mind and soul.
Sa-Ta-Na-Ma is Sanskrit for birth – life – death – rebirth.

Then moving the body gently and slowly through some physical asanas; with the focus being sun salutations.
This particular sequence of moves is very good for stretching out the body, especially one that has been sitting for long periods of time at a desk or in a car.

Finally closing the session with a 10 minute savasana which allows the body to process the work you’ve done.

Please enquire about class times and dates for 2019/2020.

Instruction is in English only.

Since most people prefer a more cosy class, there are only 9 places available, so booking is highly recommended.
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