Dawn Bradley

Daily Cacao Ceremony

Have you thought about adding a Cacao Ceremony to your morning ritual?

My cacao ceremony is a ritual within a ritual.

I mindfully make the cacao drink, and then while mindfully drinking the cacao I think about what I want to achieve that day.

I then write my intentions as ‘My 3 goals for today’ in my moon journal.

I begin by heating about a cup of oat milk and then frothing it with a hand held milk frother.

I then add 42g of cacao paste buttons and allow them to melt for a minute or two before frothing the cacao drink again.

Preparing the drink mindfully makes it a special part of the ritual.

Sit comfortably, and inhale the smell of the cacao before taking your first sip.

Daily Page from my book 'How To Achieve Goals Using The Power Of The Moon'

Allow your senses to absorb the taste, smell and texture of the rich cacao while thinking about how you’d like your day to unfold.

Then note your action plan in your journal and anything else that came to mind.

I created my moon journal exactly for this reason. It’s separated into easily identifiable sections to keep track of the most important things you need to focus on each day.

At the end of the day you can congratulate yourself on your achievements and identify where and why you didn’t complete any of the tasks.