Dawn Bradley

Foot health for body health

As a reflexologist and a runner, foot health has always been extremely important to me.

As an over-pronator, I’ve spent a lot of money on specialist orthotics and running shoes, only to find they didn’t resolve the issue.

When I started beach running 3 years ago, I noticed a big difference in how my calf and foot muscles responded to running on sand, and now I run barefoot, or in barefoot shoes.

If you start slowly, by running ‘Japanese’ style, you won’t suffer excruciatingly tight calves.

You’ve been warned…


That means walking before you run.

If you start by walking barefoot, or in barefoot shoes, it will give you the time to develop a good technique, and improve your health, so that your body is fit to run.

Take the time to develop a light step with a forefoot strike.

Start by walking on the spot and lightly placing your foot flat on the ground before lifting it off.
Now repeat this action and move forwards. This is walking with a good technique.
It might feel odd at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it will feel.

This will help your body to realign. Knee, back and neck pain suddenly vanish!

Gradually increase your pace while remaining focused on the technique.

You can even smile whilst doing it!

A few months later…

When you are ready to run, breathe only through your nose. You’ll reap many health benefits, and this will also help you to start SLOWLY.

When you run barefoot on the street, you’ll know if you’re running too heavily, as it will hurt!

So begin slowly, by gradually increasing your walking pace to the ‘Japanese slow running’ pace, making sure you’re still striking with the forefoot. You’ll lift your feet instead of pushing them into the ground. All of these will help you to adopt a good running posture.


As always, I’m sharing what works for me, in the hope that it will help you too.

This short video explains why so many people have problems with their feet, posture or balance. Especially wearing the common types of running shoe, we’re basically trying to run on cushions!
And as for heels…!

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