Dawn Bradley

4 Tips to Flatten Glucose Spikes

1. Eat a green starter
Greens first means fibre first. Any veg works: asparagus, courgette, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, as well as pulses and beans, and even coleslaw. Inchauspé’s favourite is: two cups of spinach, five jarred artichoke hearts, vinegar and olive oil. One of her followers, who lost 88lb in 18 months, had a plate of grilled broccoli with hot sauce and salt before dinner every night.

2. Drink vinegar first
In one study, vinegar before meals helped people on a weight-loss diet lose twice the amount of weight as people who didn’t have any vinegar. Simply drink a tablespoon of vinegar in a tall glass of water a few minutes before eating.
Start with a teaspoon and build up. Followers of @GlucoseGoddess prefer apple cider vinegar, as it’s less harsh. Can’t face drinking it? Put a vinegar-based dressing on your green starter.

3. Start the day savoury
Have you ever noticed that when you eat pancakes and maple syrup, you’re hungry again by 10am? The food you eat first thing affects your glucose levels for the rest of the day.

Inchauspé’s breakfast, the day we meet, was leftovers: quiche and cod with vegetables. She showed me her glucose monitor reading and it was almost completely flat. Other good savoury breakfast ingredients to go with your veg are: Greek yogurt, tofu, meat, fish, cheese, cream cheese, protein powder, nuts, nut butter, seeds and, of course, eggs. Really want the muffin or waffles? Have them after your savoury course.

4. Move after eating
That post-Sunday-roast walk is a brilliant idea. Ten to 20 minutes is enough to reduce glucose spikes because exercise stops the accumulation of glucose in the body. In fact, you can do 10 minutes of any exercise – strength-training, yoga or whatever you like doing. From using her monitor, Inchauspé found that 30 squats works for her.

Snacks that don’t cause a glucose spike

Savoury snacks are best for energy levels.

If you have fruit, add protein and fat

A handful of baby carrots and a spoonful of hummus

A handful of macadamia nuts and a square of 90% dark chocolate

A chunk of cheese

Apple slices smeared with nut butter

Bell pepper slices dipped in a spoonful of guacamole

A hard-boiled egg with a dash of hot sauce

Lightly salted coconut slivers

Seeded crackers with a slice of cheese

A slice of ham

A soft-boiled egg with a dash of salt and pepper.

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The glucose-friendly craving strategy

What to do when you want something sweet but you don’t want to get on the glucose rollercoaster…

Drink a tall glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar stirred in.

Eat protein, fibre and fat. That might be nuts, an egg, Greek yogurt or any green veg.

Now eat the thing you’re craving. And enjoy it!

Exercise within the next hour. Walk, run, cycle, do strength training. Just move and use your muscles. Fold laundry. Wash the dishes. Do air squats. So many choices!