Dawn Bradley

How to reduce menopause symptoms with hormone replacement therapy

There’s an AMAZING conversation with Dr Louise Newson on YouTube which dispels the myths around hormone replacement therapy based on false information released to the press back in 2002. Something scientists and doctors are describing as the biggest crime of the century as it resulted in millions of women ending their hormone replacement treatment, and 2 decades of women following them too afraid to take it.

Dr. Newson says “There’s a condition that leads to an increased risk of heart disease, dementia, and early death that’s been affecting people for as long as they’ve existed. The many symptoms can severely impact quality of life – ranging from headaches and memory problems to anxiety and weight gain. This condition affects more than half of the world’s population, but unbelievably its rarely discussed and the scientific research that exists on it is limited. Its called menopause, and it affects 1.2 billion women worldwide. It’s not a disease, but the effects can be just as serious for some women.”

How to reduce menopause symptoms with diet

Please take 12 minutes to watch this excellent explanation of how the menopause affects women’s brains, and how you can take steps to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Lisa’s healthy diet information can be found via this link.

So if you are yearning to sleep through the night, and be free of hot flushes, please do watch the video, read about the 8 steps, and contact me if you need help to implement them.