Dawn Bradley

How Women Should Fast

I recently learned that I’ve been fasting like a man for many years.

A good friend introduced me to a podcast where Dr. Mindy Pelz was being interviewed and what I learned in those 2 hours was as life changing as when I first started intermittent fasting about 8 years ago.

Being a menopausal woman, I should definitely NOT be fasting like a man, and Dr. Mindy explains that’s because men have a 24 hour hormone cycle, whereas women have a 29/30 day hormone cycle.

There are times of the month to fast, times to nurture our body with quality carbs, and times when we should restrict our fasting.

Below are links to what I personally feel to be the most succinct resources in among Dr Mindy’s thousands of hours of podcasts and social media material.

I’ve found this podcast with Mel Robbins covers all the basics in a thorough and succinct way. The following episode goes into more detail about fasting and hormones. Together they give you all you need to know.

Free courses directly from Dr. Mindy here

The 6 fasting styles PDF Dr. Mindy Pelz 6 styles of fasting

Post Menopause PDF chart Post menopause fasting

Dr Mindy Pelz on YouTube

Dr Mindy Pelz podcast

* IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m personally still trying to work out a fasting programme that supports my hypothyroidism. If you have hypothyroidism you would benefit from reading this important information and by looking at what Dr. Mindy has to say about fasting and hypothyroid too.