Dawn Bradley

Lammas Festival

A Wiccan Spell to Gather Abundance & Give Thanks

Lammas is one of 4 cross quarter festivals which all mark turning points in the seasons.

It’s falls on 1st August, halfway between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox, and celebrates the gathering of the first harvest.

Some crops are still growing or ripening while others are ripe and ready to be harvested.

As we are part of the cycle of nature, we can see what we’ve been working on come to fruition. We are able to reap the rewards from the seeds we sowed at the Spring Equinox and celebrate the abundance in our lives.

What are you able to harvest and be grateful for?

Lammas Spell For Gathering In Abundance

You will need a broom, 2 lengths of ribbon and a spring of mint.

Any broom will do as it is always intent that is important. If you have no broom collect a bundle of twigs and tie them at the top with Lammas ribbon to make a hand broom shape. The broom is a potent symbol of the home.

It is a traditional magical tool useful for everyday charms as it has the imprint of its owner firmly on it.

Sweeping is a natural gathering gesture.

• A piece of green ribbon (for abundance).
• A piece of gold ribbon (for prosperity and gathering).

Spring of Mint
Ideally a sprig of mint from your garden (but you can get this from any supermarket), or dried mint – put into a pouch.

The mint represents abundance.

Here’s what to do

Take your broom and tie your ribbon around the top of the handle.

Tie in your sprig of mint or securely fasten your pouch.

Take your broom outside, place both hands on the handle and focus on your intention – gathering in your harvest for winter.

Turn slowly three times in a clockwise direction then start to sweep towards your door saying:

“By one, two, three and four, sweep Lammas gifts to my door. May abundance be a constant friend, in my home until winter’s end.”

Repeat this three times

Then take your broom back into your house and put it in its usual place.

If you have made your own broom you can place it where you consider the heart of your home to be.

(You can see the one I made with twigs, ribbons and mint in the photo.)

You can leave the ribbon on for as long as want to, for a lunar month, or until winter is done.

The mint can be returned to the earth with thanks.

If you do not have an outside space you can sweep from your front door inwards.

You could also make a grain mother (corn dolly) and/or bake some bread.