Dawn Bradley

Lemonade Indian Style

Lemonade Indian Style is popularly known as Nimbu Ka Sharbat in hindi.

This is a very popular summer drink in India made with lime juice and it’s very quick to make.

It’s lemonade with an Indian twist  – spiced and blended with natural ingredients that packs a real flavour kick!

The video is here on YouTube

1 tsp chat masala
pinch cumin powder
Lemon or Lime
Springs Fresh Mint
1 tsp pepper powder or salt
1 tsp sugar
1 bottle soda water

Squeeze the lemon/lime  juice into a bowl or jug.
Add sugar, salt, pepper, chat masala.
Mix until sugar dissolves.

(You can dissolve the sugar in a small amount of hot water first.)

Pour a small amount of this mixture into a glass and fill the glass with soda or water.

Adjust to suit your own taste.