Dawn Bradley

Make one change

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve found in the past that you’ve been unable to make the changes you want in your life, it’s simply because you’ve not had the right tools to sustain the new habits long enough for them to become automatic.

And guess what…???… I can teach you those skills!

However, for now, let’s get back to giving you some inspiration for the one thing you can do to take better care of yourself this year. First read through the list and choose one thing you’d like to have in your life.


Now take a look at the one simple step to get you started:

I want to get more quality sleep
Step 1a) switch off all bright lights, computer, TV etc 1 hour before bedtime
Step 1b) go to bed 8.5 hours before you want/need to get up – set your phone alarm to remind you to go to bed!

I want to lose weight
Read one of these books

I want to have more leisure time, and work less hours
Set your phone/computer alarm to remind you to leave work at a specific time. Choosing the same time every day is best.

I want to live in the moment
Meditate – start easily here – just 2 minutes a day – as often as you like

I want to exercise regularly
Find a set of stairs and walk up and down them once RIGHT NOW! Repeat as often as you can.
Or do 5 minutes of gentle yoga. Check out my free video here

I really want to quit smoking
Read this page

I want a relaxing holiday where I can take time JUST FOR ME
Okay this is a cheeky one – take a look here

I’d like a more relaxed and healthier working environment
Take a look at this page, and forward it to whoever deals with your Workplace Well-Being

I want to stop experiencing menopausal hot flushes
Read this page

I want to control my temper and be calm
Meditate – start easily here – just 2 minutes a day – as often as you like


If you’ve found these tips useful, please share them with your friends, family and colleagues, and leave a comment below.