Dawn Bradley

Reiki practitioner Course Second Degree 

Second Degree Reiki

This is a certified course that runs for one full day, two half days or as part of a 4 day retreat.
It is available to anyone who has already been attuned to Reiki First Degree.
At least 21 days must have passed since being attuned to First Degrees so that you have fully completed your 21 day self-healing process.

Second Degree Reiki enables you to obtain insurance and qualifies you to offer Reiki treatments to paying clients.


Course manual
Reiki Second Degree certification
Lunch and all refreshments
2 attunements to the Usui system of Reiki Natural Healing

You will also learn about:

Distant Healing – over physical distance and time (healing the past & future)
The Power activating symbol – to intensify the healing effects of Reiki
Mental Healing – allows the release of deep-seated fears and mental & emotional problems
Empowering yourself with Reiki every day
Using Reiki to cleanse rooms
Using Reiki for achieving personal development and attaining future goals
Use of symbols during a treatment
Group Healing
Planetary Healing

You will need to demonstrate that you are able to give a Reiki treatment and that you have learned the hand positions from First Degree Reiki.

Second Degree Reiki Certified Course
Dates to suit you
Maximum attendees 4
Total price £150 per person
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