Dawn Bradley

The Story Behind How I Wrote My First Book

Hello Moon Sisters. Thank you for reading my story. You are the only souls with access to read it.

I believe that everything happens at the right time, and that preparation, effort and determination are key factors in creating that right time. Sprinkle moon dust and planetary energy on top, and hey presto, it’s time! 

One sentence started a domino effect of transformation for me this year. It was a question I’d asked my clients hundreds of times over a period of 24 years. I heard it while listening to Kirsty Gallagher during her Triple Conjunction workshop on 10th April (2022). 

“If you were guaranteed success, what would you do?”

My instant response was ‘Write my books’, which was a dream I’d had for about 20 years.

I wrote it down in bold red marker pen and placed it on top of the stack of paperwork on my kitchen counter. The idea being that I would see it every day and be inspired by it.

Every now and then I would pick up the piece of paper and read what I’d written. It was sandwiched between two other empowering statements.

The time obviously wasn’t quite right for me yet though, because I didn’t get started until about 2 months later! However, the seed had been sown.

In between (10th April and 18th June) I’d hit close to rock bottom. I know what rock bottom feels like and I was determined not to go there again. I felt the deep need to go on retreat. To be taken care of. I was keeping myself alive but I wasn’t enjoying taking care of myself. It was too much effort. I kept dipping in and out of unhealthy eating habits and was unable to keep myself on my usual healthy path. I was experiencing what seemed to be long covid and some days were a struggle to even just exist.

I knew there was a powerful healing moon coming up at the end of June and I looked for a retreat that would fall on that date. I felt that if I could be somewhere nurturing, I would give myself the right setting to do what I’d needed to do for many months… 

Set my goals. 

Something I’ve been teaching my clients to do for about 20 years, along with meditation and many other holistic health practices and treatments, however something I’d not been prioritising in my own life since my health deteriorated after having the first covid vaccine in the summer of 2021.

My life had radically changed due to the covid-19 pandemic and I’d still no idea where I was headed, or been able to hear from deep within me what my Soul knew… where my post-pandemic path would lead me.

I found a retreat that looked perfect for me at the Sharpham Estate. The dates fitted perfectly! A small group of people with community living. There were periods of silence as part of the programme and Wednesday was scheduled to be a full day of silence. This was like an arrow pointing down from the celestial beings on high, as that was the day of the New Moon in Cancer. I would be able to sit peacefully, think about my life, and plan my future. I booked the last available place on the retreat and then wondered if I’d made the right decision!

One week before the retreat started I felt the need to do something creative. My energy was still low and I was experiencing brain fog and loud tinnitus as part of the long covid symptoms, so it needed to be a low energy activity and something that didn’t require too much brain effort.

I decided to create myself some worksheets to take on the retreat with me, so I could plan my future and write out my goals.

Having a genuine need and a deadline helped me to focus on the task I’d set myself and I was soon fully engrossed and enjoying my project.

On 25th June I drove to the retreat and very soon knew I’d come to the right place. The retreat leaders and the other retreatants were all lovely and the location was extremely peaceful. I had chosen well.

Or had I been directed there by the Universe? Actually it was a joint effort. The Universe spoke and I listened!

I settled in to the retreat very quickly and was thoroughly enjoying the daily programme and the feeling of community, including my morning task of ensuring we had enough chopped wood for the fire to heat our water.

By the time Wednesday came I was feeling very peaceful and in exactly the right mindset and energy to set my goals.

I had 2 life-changing awakenings during the retreat and I know it’s because I’d allowed myself to relax enough for them to come through to me.

The retreat ended on 2nd July and I felt low for a couple of days after arriving home alone, away from the community I’d just bonded with, but on Monday morning I was ready to start working on the actions I’d set myself in order to achieve my big goals.

I picked up the creative project I’d started the week before going into the retreat, and completely revamped it. This was to become my first book!

I started writing the book on 18th June and it was published on Amazon on 17th September. Just 3 months from the date it came into my mind.

It’s taken me another 2 months of proof-reading and tweaking to get it to the point where it’s now ready, but I stayed focused on getting the project finished, and it was an absolute pleasure to create.

And since this was all triggered by the eclipse moons and major conjunctions in April/May I had a knowing that the book would be complete before the end of the next eclipse season in November, and it’s finally ready today! (17th November 2022)

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you find it inspirational. That’s the reason I’ve written it, the reason I’ve written my books, and why I’ve been doing the work I’ve been doing with my clients for the last 24 years.

If you’re not already doing it, take some time for yourself during the dark moon phase. I block these dates out in my diary every month so I can spend time on myself and assess my goals and action plan for the following month. I’ve been doing it since March this year and it’s really made a huge difference for me.

💙 Namaste 💙